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Q: What was the cost of mile high stadium in 1948?
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When was Mile High Stadium created?

Mile High Stadium was created in 1948.

How old is Denver mile high stadium?

Mile High Stadium (known as Bears Stadium until 1968) was a baseball, soccer and football stadium that stood in Denver, Colorado from 1948 until 2001. Invesco Field at Mile High replaced the identically sized, but commercially obsolete Mile High Stadium (named for the fact that Denver is exactly one mile above sea level) in 2001. So it was roughly 53 years old before it was replaced.

When was 3 Rivers stadium torn down?

Mile High Stadium was built in Denver, Colorado and opened on August, 14, 1948. It was closed on December 23, 2000. It was then demolished on April 17, 2002 to make room for a parking lot for Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

When did Mile High Stadium end?

Mile High Stadium ended in 2002.

How far above sea level is mile high stadium?

Mile High Stadium is one mile above sea level

Is mile high stadium in a dome?

No, it is an outdoor stadium.

What is the tallest sports stadium?

Mile High Stadium

Why is milehigh stadium called mile high stadium?

Mile High Stadium is called so because it's in Denver. Denver is nicked named that because its elevation is exactly one-mile above sea level, thus a mile high.

What team plays its home games at Mile High Stadium?

The Denver Broncos play their home games at Mile High Stadium.

How many lemmings does it take to fill the mile high stadium?

Lemmings can never fill the Mile High Stadium, because they keep jumping out.

What year did Mile High Stadium change to Invesco Field at Mile High?

The inagural year of Invesco Field at Mile High was 2001

Was there a beatles concert at mile high stadium?