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Q: What was joe Montana's wonderlic score?
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What is Terrell Owens wonderlic score?

6. He scored a 6 out of 50 on the Wonderlic test.

What was Calvin Johnson's wonderlic score?

a 41

Which quarterback has had the highest wonderlic score?

Eli manning

What was myron rolle's wonderlic score at 2010 NFL combine?


What is Joe Montanas favorite food?

Meatballs hoagie

Who are joe montanas siblings?

There were none. He was an only child.

What is Montanas sports teams?

joe Montana played for the 49ers

How good is a 37 wonderlic score?

Mensa just told me it scores in the 76th percentile in my rejection letter....

What are the names of joe montanas kids?

Quit bein' nosy. Check out Mr. Men's Mr. Nosy. :/

What is Joe Montanas nickname?

Joe Montana has a few nicknames, the most popular being Joe Cool. In addition is has also been referred to as The Comeback Kid, The Golden Great, Golden Joe and last but not least David W. Gibson.

Which Manning brother had the highest wonderlic score?

Eli Manning: 39 (out of 50) Peyton Manning: 28 source:

What is Hannah Montanas faverite color?

Hanah montanas favorite color is purple