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Yes, the sport of Lacrosse has two different kinds of midfielders, otherwise known as: "Middies". There are Defensive 'middies' who stay on their side of the field, and they play on both sides of the field, but mainly on their side. The second kind is the Offensive Middie. Their job is to assist the Attack (main offensive players in lacrosse) in landing the ball into the opposing team's goal.

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On the field at a time each team consists of 1 goalie, 3 midfielders, 3 attacks, and 3 defenders.

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You answered your own question. Midfielders or middies as they are normally called.

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They line up in the middle of the field.

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Q: What type of middies are on the field in lacrosse?
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How does the game lacrosse begen?

The game begins with two middies facing off in the center of the field.

How many men are on the field in men's lacrosse?

10. 3 attack, 3 middies, 3 defense, and a goalie

How many people are on the field in boz lacrosse?

ten players, 3 attack, 3 middies, three D, and one goalie

How many men are in mens lacrosse team?

The official rule for men's field lacrosse calls for 10 players on each team - 3 Attackman, 3 Middies, 3 Defensemen and 1 Goalie - on the field or 20 total players.

What is the correct length for a longpole in lacrosse?

A long pole in Lacrosse is a defence pole.

How long do you run in lacrosse?

until you get hurt, too tired, or the coach pulls you out. for attackmen they are limited to their side of the midfield line, for defense its the same, but midfielders (middies) are allowed to roam the entire field.

What are player position names in lacrosse?

There is a goalie, three attack men, three middies, and three close D.

How many players are on a lacrosse men's team?

10 1 Goalie 3 Midfielders (Middies) 3 Attackmen 3 Defensemen

What are the roles of 10 players on a mens lacrosse team?

10 1 goalie 3 defenders 3 middies 3 attackers

Who are the players that score goals in Lacrosse?

The most common people who score goals in lacrosse, are people who play the attack position. They are stationed on the opponents side of the field, ready to receive pass and cannon a shot into the goal. Midfielders(also known as Middies) are also very common scorers in Lacrosse. They can run anywhere on the field, but they start in the middle. They are not always near the opponents goal, so it is less often that they score. Also, It is not a middies main job to score, but it is an attack player's main job to score. There is one more player that can score, and that is the goalie. The goalie is allowed to run across the field with the ball and score. This is a very risky move though. Because if an opposing player steals the ball from the goalie, they could run to the goalie-free net and pop it in. So that is the lineup for the players that score goals in lacrosse.

How many women play lacrosse?

A LOT. There are 12 players on a field at a time consisting of a goalie, defense(point, coverpoint, and third man), middies (2 d-wings, center, 2 attack-wings), and offense (first, second, and third homes).

A field game with a netted stick?