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End zone




Old Man









I think that's the basics of them. :)

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Q: What terminology is needed to know how to play ultimate frisbee?
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Why is ultimate frisbee so dumb?

Ultimate Frisbee is not considered an Olympic sport because it's a fairly young sport. However, Ultimate is recognized by the Olympic Committee

How do you change your frisbee on frisbee forever?

dont know u tell me

What sports was originally formed in the 1960s and is self refferred?

From the web site - Ultimate or " Ultimate Frisbee as we know it today was created in the summer of 1968..." Also from their web site - " Ultimate is governed by Spirit of the Game™, a tradition of sportsmanship that places the responsibility for fair play on the players rather than referees."

How many types of catches are there in ultimate frisbee?

I don't know professionally but if your talking about house league or school league there is the twitch where you twitch your arm for longer catches and the one I like to call the alligator.

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i want to know

What was the inspiration for the frisbee?

The story is that some kids were tossing around a pie tin around and the idea was kicked off into the frisbee we know today

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What year was the frisbee invented?

I think it was 1957. I know it was in the years 1950-1960.

The diameter of a Frisbee is 12 in What is the area of the Frisbee?

The area of any circle or circular object is (pi) x (radius)2. If you don't know the radiusbut you do know the diameter, then the radius is 1/2 of the diameter.To find the area of a frisbee that is 12 inches in diameter:pi x radius2 =3.14 X 36 = 113.04 inches squaredKnowing this, you can now find circular areas on your own, not only of a frisbee butof any circular object you encounter during the rest of your life !

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