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I think it was 1957. I know it was in the years 1950-1960.

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Q: What year was the frisbee invented?
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What year was ultimate frisbee invented?


How did a Frisbee get its name?

William Russel frisbee invented the frisbee. and Walter Morrison became interested in flying saucer which led to the frisbee trademark.

Where was the first frisbee invented?


Who invented the frisbe?

Walter Frederick Morrison invented the frisbee.

What toy was invented at yale university?

Frisbee was invented at Yale!

Which company invented the hulla hoop and frisbee?

The company "Wham-O" invented those two toys.

When were frisbee by wham-o invented?

The first Wham-O Frisbee was first made in 1948.

When was frisbee invented by Wham O?


Who invented the frisbee and how?

Walter Fredrick Morrison

How much did the first frisbee cost?

Fred Morrison invented and marketed the first Frisbee in 1938. The price of the first Frisbee was only one nickel.

Who inventied the frisbee?

Walter Frederick Morrison invented it.

Who invented the frisbee by wham-o?

Walter Morrison