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Now that Tampa has made the playoffs, every single MLB team has made the playoffs at some point in its history, although Washington hasn't made the playoffs since they moved to DC; their last playoff appearance was in 1981 as the Montreal Expos.

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Q: What teams in baseball have never been to a playoff series?
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What is the playoff race in baseball?

The playoff race in Baseball is when the teams from each league play to have the highest game winning to make it to the playoffs and try to get to the world series. One team from each division makes it and the teams that come in fourth in each League get the wild card and also advance.

How many teams will be in playoff in baseball?

eight teams. four in AL and four in NL

What baseball teams never played in the World Series?

The Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers and Washington Nationals have never been to the World Series.

What teams have comeback from being down 3-0 in a playoff series to win the series?

Boston Red Sox

In 1955 who were the playoff teams in baseball?

In 1955 there was no playoff format. The winner (team with the best record) of the American League played the winner of the National League. The Brooklyn Dodgers beat the New York Yankees in the 1955 World Series.

What are only major league baseball teams to not play in a World Series?

The Mariners and Nationals are the only two teams left to never have made a world series appearance.

Who wins in baseball wildcard when the teams are even?

they go to a 1 game playoff

What nhl teams have never won a playoff series?

Winnipeg Jets/Atlanta Thrashers franchise Columbus Blue Jackets franchise those are the only two

What NBA teams have never won a NBA playoff game?

Charlotte Bobcats only...

What three major league baseball teams never made it to the world series?

mariners, nationals, rangers

What is the probability that a playoff team will win the world series?

well letz see 8 teams make the playoffs right 4 from the American league 4 from the national league so do the math 1 out of 8 1/8 playoff teams win the world series

What baseball teams did not go to the World Series?

The Seattle Mariners and the Washington Nationals (formerly the Montreal Expos) have never appeared in the World Series.