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The playoff race in Baseball is when the teams from each league play to have the highest game winning to make it to the playoffs and try to get to the World Series. One team from each division makes it and the teams that come in fourth in each League get the wild card and also advance.

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Q: What is the playoff race in baseball?
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Which baseball team has the most baseball playoff victories?

the team with the most playoff victory is the new york Yankees

How many baseball players travel on the playoff team?

HOw many baseball players not on playoff roster travel with team?

What is Playoff Berth in baseball?

When a team has a 'playoff berth' that means they have officially qualified for the playoffs.

What are the baseball teams to make the playoffs?

what teams are in baseball playoff

How many players are on a baseball team's playoff roster?

Playoff rosters are limited to 25 players.

Wild card in baseball?

how many wild card teams will be in baseball playoff

In baseball what is the first round playoff series?

division series

How many playoff games in baseball?

There is 17 games in all in the postseason.

What is a wildcard in baseball?

After all the divisions have been clinched, there are 3 playoff teams in each league. The wildcard race then begins.The teams that are in 2nd place in each division of the league race until the end of the season when the best 2nd place team in the league advances to the playoffs.

Who wins in baseball wildcard when the teams are even?

they go to a 1 game playoff

What pitcher won the first playoff game in baseball's American League?

The answer is "Gene Bearden."

Who won the playoff in baseball in 1994?

In 1994 the playoffs were cancelled due to a player strike.

How many teams will be in playoff in baseball?

eight teams. four in AL and four in NL

Where is the playoff stadium?

Where the playoff stadium is....................

Who has the Major League Baseball playoff home run record?

Through the 2008 season, Manny Ramirez has hit the most home runs in MLB playoff history with 28.

Are the cowboys going to go to the playoffs in 2010?

Probably not. There are too many other NFC teams ahead of them in the race for six playoff spots.

What is the most runs scored by a team or both teams in an NCAA college baseball playoff game?


What player holds the recored for most playoff games played by a baseball player?

Derek Jeter with 127

Did Michael Jordan win the NBA playoff game and Playoff series when he scored the most playoff points in NBA history?

Yes, Michael Jordan did win the NBA playoff game and Playoff series when he scored the most playoff points in NBA history.

What Major League Baseball team has the most playoff appareances without a world series win?

Through the 2010 season, that is the Houston Astros with 9 playoff appearances without a World Series win.

When was Playoff Bowl created?

Playoff Bowl was created in 1960.

When did Playoff Bowl end?

Playoff Bowl ended in 1969.

What happens if Dallas beats the Vikings this Sunday?

It would enhance the Cowboys' chances of staying in the NFC playoff race. A loss for the Vikings could be devastating to their chances.

How many baseball teams have come back from 2 games to 1 deficit to win playoff round?


Where can one find baseball playoff tickets for sale?

There is a website that is called the stub hub dot com and it has the playoff tickets that you can buy. You can always just go to the game and find a scalper or a scalper online as well.