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Q: What teams did Fabio Da Silva play for?
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Are Rafael DA Silva And Fabio DA Silva Brothers?

Fabio and Rafael da Silva are twins, which means they are brothers

Who is married fabio da silva or rafial da silva?

Fabio is the one who is married

What footed is fabio da silva?

Left Footed.

What is the surname of Manchester united player fabio?

da silva

Who is Rafael and Fabio from Manchester United Football Team?

The da Silva twins are the Brazilian youngsters who play full-back at United. Fabio is the left back, Rafael the right.

What are the names of the twins at Manchester united?

Fabio and Rafael Da Silva

Who is older between Fabio and Rafael da Silva?

they are twins!! same age . But, Fabio is older 10 mins.

Who wears Mancunian republic jersey number 22?

Fabio Da Silva wears jersey number 2 for mancunian republic.

How long did eduardo da silva not play for?

1 year

What is the birth name of Bezerra da Silva?

Bezerra da Silva's birth name is Jos Bezerra da Silva.

What is the birth name of Mariana Da Silva?

Mariana Da Silva's birth name is Mariana Rivieri Da Silva.

What is the birth name of Ademar Da Silva?

Ademar Da Silva's birth name is Adhemar Ferreira da Silva.