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The da Silva twins are the Brazilian youngsters who play full-back at United. Fabio is the left back, Rafael the right.

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Q: Who is Rafael and Fabio from Manchester United Football Team?
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What are the names of the twins at Manchester united?

Fabio and Rafael Da Silva

How old is Raphael in Manchester united?

Rafael da Silva, Manchester United's right-back; is 21 years old. (and of course so his is twin brother Fabio)

Who was the first foreigner to sign for Manchester United?


Which Manchester United player wears no20?


What is the surname of Manchester united player fabio?

da silva

Where dos fabio capello come from?

fabio copello comes from Brazil and plays for Manchester united and his place is as a defender

Who wears the long sleeve jersey for Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney, Antonio Valencia, David de Gea, Dimitar Berbatov, Rafael/Fabio(one of them) and sometimes Javier Hernadez, a.k.a CHICHARITO!

Is fabio and Rafael on man united fifa 09 on the ps2?

i dont think so

Does Raphael play for Manchester United?

Yes he does. His twin brother Fabio does as well.

How many set brothers played for Manchester united?

It could be two the Charlton brothers and Neville brothers and the dSilva brothers.

When was the last time two brothers scored for the same football team in the same football match?

40 years ago.

Who is Manchester uniteds left back?

Currently, the first choice left back is Patrice Evra. Fabio also plays at left back, so does Rafael on occasions. Rafael and Fabio play on both sides, but first choice for left back is Patrice Evra.