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Q: What soccer team does William regal support?
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Which team does tubes from soccer am support?


What team does Ryan Maloney support?


What soccer team does yelawolf support?

Leeds united

What soccer team does lil Wayne support?

Manchester United

What soccer team does Dr Dre support?

Liverpool FC

Which football team does tubes support from soccer am?

Chelsea FC, why? Because why not.

What English soccer team does lee westwood support?

Liverpool FC

Does Usain Bolt support a soccer team?

Yes Manchester United

What team does Prince William support?

Prince William enjoys the football team called Aston Villa the most.

What soccer team does Taylor lautner support?

i am not 100% sure however I was told USA!

Does Barack Obama follow the soccer in England and if so which team does he support?

west ham utd

Should girls soccer team be girls' soccer team?

It should be girl's soccer team ;)