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Q: Does William support a football team?
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What team does Prince William support?

Prince William enjoys the football team called Aston Villa the most.

Which Football team does Kate Midlleton support?

Probably Aston Villa because Prince William is a Villa fan.

What state is home to the William and Mary football team?

The state Virginia is home to the William & Mary football team. The William & Mary mascot is the Tribe. William & Mary is located in Williamsburg, Virginia.

What football team does Victoria Justice support?

She doesn't support any football team yet.

What was William shakespeares favourite football team?

It is not known if William Shakespeare had a favorite football team. William Shakespeare is a famous playwright most known for writing Romeo and Juliet.

Does adele support a football team?

Yes Adele does support a football team and it is Tottenham hotspurs(spurs) as she was born in tottenham

What football team does Michael caine support?

Caine is a fan of the football team Chelsea FC.

What football team does yoda support support?

Glasgow rangers

What was William shakespeares favorite football team?

William Shakespeare's favorite football team was the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Shakespeare was a College Football player who was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Does Katie price support a football team?

She doesn't support a team in the priemership but she supports England.

What English football team does Elvis Presley support?

None, he can not support a team now as he is dead.

What football team does paolo nutini support?

Celtic Football Club.