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1993-1994 Season

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Q: What season did Magic Johnson coach for?
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What Laker player was the Lakers head coach for less than a season?

Magic Johnson

Who was the MVP of the 1989 NBA regular season?

Magic Johnson

Who was Magic Johnson's first coach in the NBA?

Magic's coach in his rookie season (1979-1980) was Paul Westhead. Westhead was in his first year of NBA coaching as the Lakers won the NBA championship that season.

Who was Magic Johnson's high school coach?

George Fox, former coach and history teacher at Everett High School

What country did magic Johnson play in for season of 1999?


Miami Dolphins head coach after Jimmy Johnson?

Jimmy Johnson's final season as head coach of the Dolphins was 1999. He was replaced in 2000 by Dave Wannestadt.

Who has the higher winning percentage as a Laker coach Magic Johnson or Jerry West?

Jerry West

What was Magic Johnson's rookie year?

Earvin "Magic" Johnson was a rookie during the 1979-1980 season. He was awarded NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award during this season. This was the first of many MVP awards.

Who was the first Dallas Mavericks coach to be named Coach of the Year?

Avery Johnson won the award during the 2005-06 season.

Did magic Johnson and Michael Jordan ever meet?

Yes. They played each other from '84 (the year Michael Jordan was drafted (Magic was in '79)) to '91 when Magic retired, and again in the '95-'96 season when Johnson returned for one season before calling it quits for good

Was magic Johnson ever a regular season mvp?

Yes. 1987, 1989, & 1990

What was magic Johnson obstacle?

He tested positive in HIV in the 1991-92 season with the Lakers