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Q: What president turned down a nfl contract?
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Did Nixon turn down a NFL contract?

No. Richard Nixon never played football at a level that would cause him to be offered an NFL contract. His second Vice-President, Gerald Ford however was a star college player at the University of Michigan. He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers but turned the contract down.

What president of the US was drafted by a NFL team?

No US president was drafter by an NFL team. However, President Gerald Ford turned down offers from the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions to instead pursue a law degree from Yale.

What United States president was offered an NFL contract?

President Gerald R. Ford was offered a contract to play in the NFL by both the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. He was never drafted, however.

What former president was afferd contract two times from two different NFL teams?

Gerald Ford

What NFL team gave Andre the Giant a tryout?

When George Allen coached the Washington Redskins he would have free agent tryouts for anyone that had a dream of playing in the NFL. In 1974, Andre the Giant participated in one of the tryouts and the story goes that Allen offered him a contract but Andre turned it down.

Will there be an NFL 2k12?

Maybe if the NFL doesn't renew Ea's contract

What is the salary in the NFL?

Depends on the contract you get.

What was the biggest NFL contract?


What advantages do NFL players have?

signing a contract

Who won the 2012 NFL jersey contract?


Why did they have the Super Bowls?

it was a merger with the nfl and afl which eventually turned the NFC and AFC and into the nfl.

What must an NFL player sign in order to play in the NFL?

They sign a contract with the team they're playing for.