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Q: What number did Jackie Robinson wear when he played high school football?
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Which sports did Jackie Robinson play?

Jackie Robinson played football, baseball, track, tennis and basketball.

Beside baseball what sport did Jackie Robinson play?

Jackie Robinson played basketball, football, and track-and field.

What did Jackie Robinson do as a child?

Jackie enjoyed track, football, and baseball

What team did Jackie Robinson play for after the black panthers?

After Jackie played on the Black Panthers he played on a team called Montreal. Then Jackie Robinson was number 42 on the Brooklyn Dogers

What position did Jackie Robinson play in football for UCLA?

Jackie robinson played baseball, not basketball

What was Jackie Robinson's number when he played for the dodgers?

He was number 42 on the Brooklyn Dodgers

What sports did Jackie Robinson at UCLA?

American baseball player Jackie Robinson attended John Muir High School (known as Muir Tech). There here played four sports at the varsity level: football, basketball, track, and baseball. He also played tennis.

What team Jackie Robinson played for?

what was jackie robinson's childhood

How many hits Jackie Robinson did?

Jackie Robinson had a total of 1518 hits. This was a total number of hits in all 10 seasons he played.

What jackie robinson did?

Jackie Robinson played baseball and was in the baseball hall of fame.

What was Jackie Robinson number he played for Major League Baseball?

number was 42

What sport did Jackie Robinson play?

He played football, track, and basketball. But he is famous for playing baseball. He was the first African American to ever play major league baseball.