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After Jackie played on the Black Panthers he played on a team called Montreal. Then Jackie Robinson was number 42 on the Brooklyn Dogers

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Q: What team did Jackie Robinson play for after the black panthers?
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Why Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson is the first black player to play in the MLB.

Why is Jackie Robinson famoes in black history month?

Jackie Robinson was the first black man allowed to play in the Major Leagues during WWII.

Why did Jackie Robinson matter?

he was the frist black to play i the mlb

Was Jackie Robinson the first black to play baseball?


Who was the first black person to play pro baseball?

Jackie Robinson

Why did Jackie Robinson play 5 sports?

Jackie Robinson needed money to support his family. Black athletes were very underpaid in the 1940s and 1950s.

How did Jackie Robinson feel to be the first black man to play for the Dodgers?


What should you know about Jackie Robinson?

He was the first Black player to play baseball.

What is Jackie Robinson's significance in US history?

Jackie Robinson is so signifigant in US history. He is known for being the first black male to play MLB.

When could blacks play baseball?

Jackie Robinson was the first black person to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

What are the similarities between Paul Revere and Jackie Robinson?

they both play baseball and they are black

What was Jackie Robinson Major?

Being the first black man to play Major League Baseball