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Q: What music does the Oklahoma sooners softball team warm up to?
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Are the Sooners the Oklahoma football team?

Yes, Oklahoma Sooners

What university team is nicknamed the sooners?

Oklahoma University is nicknamed the Sooners.

What is the name of oklahoma's footballl team?


What is the Oklahoma City football team called?

they are the sooners!!

Are the Oklahoma sooners a college team?

Yes they are a college football team.

Who's the most favorite football team the sooners or osu or both?

The Oklahoma Sooners with 7 National Championships.

Who is the best team in the NCAA of all time?

Oklahoma sooners by far

Which team has had the most appearances in the Big12 Championship game?

Oklahoma Sooners

What college team has the most Heisman runner ups?

Oklahoma Sooners

How many undefeated championship seasons has the Oklahoma Sooners football team had?


Which college football team has the most rushing yards in history?

1971 Oklahoma Sooners

Why cant the Oklahoma sooners football team win a bowl game?

cause they suck