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Oklahoma University is nicknamed the Sooners.

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Q: What university team is nicknamed the sooners?
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What sports team is nicknamed Green Wave?

Tulane University is nicknamed the Green Wave.

Are the Sooners the Oklahoma football team?

Yes, Oklahoma Sooners

What university team is nicknamed the Red Raiders?

Texas Tech

Who won the football National Championship in 1956?

University of Oklahoma Sooners won.

What team did USC beat in the 2005 Orange Bowl to clinch an undisputed national championship?

Oklahoma University (OU) Sooners

What are sooners?

In Oklahoma, sooners are well known because they are the mascot of the Oklahoma University football team. However, most people do not know that the sooners were cheaters in the land run. The sooners went out and claimed their land before the legal start of the land run. If the sooners were discovered, they were forced to give up their illegally claimed land.

Where are the Oklahoma Sooners from?

The Longhorns and the Sooners are big rivals

What is the name of oklahoma's footballl team?


What are the ou sooners?

The Oklahoma University sports teams.

What is the name of the University of Oklahoma's sports teams?

The Sooners

What state college is known as the sooners?

The University of Oklahoma

Are the Oklahoma sooners a college team?

Yes they are a college football team.