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The energy used in Rugby is about 100 calories per game. Find out more on

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Q: What kind of energy is mainly used a rugby game?
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What kind of energy transfer through the walls of a building?

Mainly conduction.

What is the injury rate of rugby compare to cricket?

Its vastly higher in rugby. almost every player in a rugby game will have some kind of injury most are minor bruising and cuts which are not seen at all in cricket

What kind of steroid does rugby players use?

Steroids are BANNED in both rugby codes. Players for using such drugs can and do receive lifetime bans from the game at all levels

What kind of ball is used in rugby?

Its a rugby ball

What kind of energy transformation does a game controller?

Mechanical when you press the controls to electrical when it transmits the control to the TV

What team game is rugby similar to?

Rugby is a team sport kind of like American football and soccer, but there are no pads and you can only pass backwards. Union has 15 players and League has 13 players i think! Rugby you are split into Forward and Backs. Forwards do almost all the tackling and rucking where as the backs do a lot of the running and scoring.

Is water vapor gaining or losing energy durning evaportaion?

Water vapor will have more energy than the water. Mainly, this is a kind of potential energy, related to the molecular attractions.

What kind of energy produced in building a bonfire?

A bonfire produces mainly thermal energy in the form of heat and light. The burning of the wood releases stored chemical energy in the form of heat and light energy.

What kind of energy does water have at the top of a waterfall?

At the top of a waterfall, water has mainly potential energy, which is the energy stored in its position above ground level. This potential energy is converted into kinetic energy as the water falls downwards.

Is rugby dangrous?

Yes most players will leave a game with some kind of injury if only brusing and sadly there have been some deaths. But the game is well-governed by both the IRB and NRL.

What kind of diseases can you get from rugby?


What kind of shirt does mack have on?

A Rugby jersey.