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Q: What is the world record for longest time dribbling a basketball non-stop?
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What is the world record for longest time dribbling a basketball?

The world record for the longest time dribbling a basketball non-stop is 26 hours and 2 minutes, set by Guinness World Record holder Taurian Fontenette in 2011.

Who holds the longest record for most consecutive playoff births in basketball?

Kobe Bryant

What is the longest time for spinning a ball on your finger?

The Guinness World Record for the longest time spinning a basketball on a finger is 22 minutes and 12 seconds, set by Thomas Connor in 2016.

What female made the longest shot ever by a female basketball player?

Ashley harding record is 77 ft

How far is the farthest basketball shot made by a kid?

The farthest shot was in 2002 by Justin Phoenix it was 94 feet and 5.5 inches giving Justin the record for the worlds longest basketball shot.

What is the longest swish ever made?

As of October 2021, the record for the longest swish ever made in basketball is 34 feet 1 inch, achieved by 'Chef' Curry in a practice session.

What college basketball team has the longest conference title winning streak?

Kansas Jayhawks - 8 straight as of 2012 That's the current longest streak. Los Angeles City College holds the all time record at 14. UCLA holds the Div. 1 record at 13.

Longest home winning streak in ncaa basketball?

The University of Kansas currently holds the record at 67 straight home wins. Go Jayhawks! I'm a proud Alumni

What is the farthest shot made in basketball?

The farthest shot ever made in basket ball history was in 1916 by Tim Scarth shooting a basket ball 120 feet.

What is the record for longest finger weaving?

what is the longest chain weave

What is the world record for basketball?

11 and 1/2 basketball units.

Who tried to fly around the world at the equator?

American aviator Steve Fossett attempted to circumnavigate the Earth at the equator in the GlobalFlyer aircraft in 2005. He successfully completed the journey, setting a world record for the longest nonstop flight in aviation history.