What is the shot rock in curling?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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"Shot rock" is the term for the rock that is currently the closest to the center (the "pin") of the scoring area (the "house").

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Q: What is the shot rock in curling?
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What is a shot rock in curling?

"Shot rock" refers to whichever rock is currently the closest to the center of the house. When you hear curlers ask each other "do we have shot rock?" or "are we shot?" they are asking which team is currently in scoring position.

Is curling dangerous?

curling is dangerous because the rock can slide o you foot and you can trip on the rock as your curling

What sport do you throw a rock at a house?

It is called curling , the curling ROCK and you throw it at HOUSES the end of the curling rink

What do the numbers on the curling rock mean?

what does it mean

What kind of rock do they use in curling?


What are the risks of curling?

geting hit by a curling rock fallinf and cracking your head open. trip other people.

Is curling really a sport?

No its just throwing a rock and sweeping

What transformation does granite rock make?

it makes rocks for curling

What do you use in curling to help direct the rock?

You use brooms which you brush in front of the rock to direct it.

What is the equipment called for curling?

"Curling shoes," one with a slippery Teflon slider built into the sole and the other with just grippy rubber on the bottom, are used to allow players to slide smoothly down the ice during their delivery (sliding) of the curling rock. "Curling brooms" or "curling brushes" are used to "sweep" the ice in front of the rock, decreasing the friction between the rock and the ice and making the rock go both farther, and curl (curve) less if so desired. Brooms are also used by most players during their delivery for balance. Many teams will use stop watches to time a rock between certain points on the ice, to get an idea of how fast the rock is moving.

Where did the term hammer in curling come from?

Curling is an Olympic sport with four players on each team where players slide heavy granite stones. The term throwing your hammer in curling means having the last shot at the end.

Can you sweep a curling rock from behind it?

This won't do anything, because you're not affecting the ice in the rock's path.