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Q: What is the salary of the Pittsburgh pirates parrot mascot?
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How much money does the Pittsburgh pirates make a every year?

According to an article on, the Pittsburgh Pirates were valued at $274 million as of April, 2007.

What is the salary of a mascot?


What was Casey Stengel's baseball salary?

'Show me the Money' CaseyCasey Stengel made $2,100.00 during his first year with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1912. In 1919 he made $5,495.00 with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Is there a minimum team salary in major league baseball?

There is no team minimum salary but there is a player minimum salary, that being $400,000 in the 2010 season. With 25 players on the opening day roster, if every one of them made the minimum salary the team's payroll would be $10,000,000. In the 2010 season, the smallest opening day payroll was $34,943,000 by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

What is thePittsburg pirates manager salary?


What is Lucky Lekgwati's salary at Orlando pirates?


What is Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison's salary?

In 2010, James Harrison's salary was $13,357,280.

What is phenyo mongala's salary?

he is paid 500.000 a year by pirates.

What is andile jali's salary at Orlando pirates?


What is the average salary for Surgical Technologists in and around Pittsburgh PA?

Average salary is around 34000 a year.

What is the starting salary of a news anchor in Pittsburgh Pa?


How much is Rudolf bester paid at Orlando pirates fc?

rudolf bester's salary at orlando pirates fc