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Q: What is thePittsburg pirates manager salary?
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HR Manager Salary?

The average annual salary for an HR manager is $99,720. The highest paid annual salary of an HR manager is about $173,140.

What is the salary for pier one store manager?

what is the salary of a Pier one store manager

What is the salary of a Target assistant store manager?

What is the Salary of a target manager

How old is the Pittsburgh Pirates manager?

The Pittsburgh Pirates manager, Clint Hurdle, is 55 years old.

How much does an lcbo manager earn?

The average salary for a district manager with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario is $117,674. The average annual salary for an inventory manager at LCBO is $112,535, and the average salary for a category manager is $111,904.

Annual salary for a bank manager?

A bank manager has an average salary of around $56,000. A branch manager may make double that amount or more.

Is salary of factory manager a period cost?

Salary of factory manager is Manufacturing overhead. and Manufacturing overhead is Product costs. So, It's not period cost.

What is the average salary of a Walmart store manager?

There is a range of salary of a Walmart store manager based on the size of the store and the amount of time someone has worked for the company. The average salary for a store manager is $65,000.

Radio shack manager salary?

The average straight salary for a manager at RadioShack is $31,686 per year. The average annual salary with bonuses added in is $36,284.

What is the salary for Chicago White Sox general manager Kenny Williams?

Manager Kenny Williams makes $260,000 as a salary.

How much is the salary of a property manager?

The salary of a property manager will depend on where you are located and the scope of your duties. While the average residential property manager salary is around $43K annually, commercial property managers can average $75K.

Salary for project manager?

Salary depends on the company and related industry size. However, according to a source, the average salary for project manager lies between $60,000-$80,000. That does not mean you will get a salary with this scale.