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Q: What is the reaction time on a 100 mph fastball?
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How much time do you have to swing at a 90 MPH fastball?

0.21 to 0.25 of a second

How hard is it to hit a major league fastball?

Hitting a major league fast ball can be very difficult do to the fact that it is thrown at near 100 mph that makes you reaction time very limited to hit the ball its a lot harder then a lot of other sports.

What types of pitches does Tim Lincecum throw?

4 seam fastball, 2 seam fastball, split, 12-6 curve-ball and slider

Can a major league baseball player throw up to 145 miles per hour?

No. Only a very few of them can throw 100 mph. They don't exceed 100 mph by much - 101, 102 is tops. Most of them throw a fastball in the 90's, and a few have a fastball in the 80's.

Which pro baseball pitcher never threw a fastball that was less than 100 mph?

Too many to list.

How fast does Cole Hamels pitch?

90-93 mph 4 Seam Fastball 88-91 mph Cut Fastball 78-81 mph Curveball 76-79 mph Circle Change

What is the velocity profile of a pitched baseball?

Most non-gimmick major league pitchers have a fastball that can hit at least 88-90 MPH. An average fastball is probably around 92-93 mph, an good power pitcher can throw in the high 90s, and an elite few can break 100 mph, such as Bobby Jenks, Bartolo Colon and Joel Zumaya. A good changeup is between 10-15 MPH slower than your fastball; while knuckleballers such as Tim Wakefield tend to throw in the 55-65 range.

Does Tim Lincecum throw 103 mph fastball?

Not consistently.

How fast was mark the bird fidrych's fastball?

93 MPH

How long does a batter have to react with a 95 mph fastball?

About .43 seconds. Although shorter of a time for that batter to decide whether or not to swing.

Who is Kyle Griffin?

Kyle Griffin....Think 100 mph pie....a game winning touchdown pass....stock shows....think....America

Who pitched the worlds fastest fastball?

Iorn Mike at 122 mph