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Y0 mamma f00

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Q: What is the person throwing the ball in dodge ball called?
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What muscles help throw a dodge ball?

Many muscles are involved in throwing a dodge ball. Your back muscles, all of your arm muscles and some of your stomach muscles. Even muscles from your legs may be used depending on how hard you are throwing it.

Why is dodgeball called dodgeball?

because in the game you have to dodge ball so not get hit and that is why it is called dodge ball :).

How does a setter'set'the ball in volleyball?

The setter is a specific person chosen by the team who can get to the ball fast and use their hands in a sort of overhand throwing motion without throwing the ball. A set can also be done by using what is called a underhand set, which is where the ball is set by someone using their platform to bump the ball up to a hitter.

What are the basic rules of dodgeball?

you get the ball and you try to hit the opposing team with it and if u hit them there out but if they catch the ball your out. keep throwing the balls until their whole team has been eliminatedBasically just throw the balls at the other team and don't get hit.if you get hit with the ball you are out until someone catches the ball then who ever threw the ball is out and the last person that was is back in

What is it called when you throw a ball in the air?

Throwing a ball in the air is simply referred to as tossing or launching the ball.

How can you increase the amount of kinetic energy in a small ball of clay you are throwing at a person?

To increase the kinetic energy of the small ball of clay when throwing at a person, you can either increase the velocity at which you throw the ball or increase the mass of the clay ball. This can be achieved by exerting more force when throwing the ball or using a larger amount of clay to increase its mass, resulting in higher kinetic energy upon impact.

What is it called when the subject of a sentence performs the action?

The subject is who is doing the action. In the sentence "She threw the ball" "She" is the subject, because she is throwing the ball. The action is the throwing of the ball. The ball is the object, because it is what is being thrown.

Two things that must be observed when taking a throw in?

That you must be behind the line when throwing and that the person you are throwing the ball to is open and free

Dodge field hockey?

A dodge is used to get around players without them stealing the ball. There are several different dodges available to use (here's a couple). Y-Dodge: Hit the ball to the right. Run to the left. Join back with the ball as you run around the person Spin Dodge: You spin around the player with the ball on your stick. When using this dodge you must have the ball on your stick or else you will be called for obstruction

Is throwing a ball a linear function?

No. Throwing a ball is a quadratic function.

Why was dodgeball invented?

i dont think there is an acuall reason for y dodgeball was invented. but i do know that it wasnt to be thought out . it just happened starting out by throwing rocks at each other and trying to dodge them

What is the opposite of a ball?

Throwing the ball.