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Q: What is the padres win-loss record against the dodgers in the 1980's?
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What is the Dodgers win-loss record from 2000 to 2010 vs the padres?

really quick estimate but dodgers vs padres all time win-loss record is 352-319. go dodgers =)

What was the KC Royals' winloss record in 2008?

75-87 4th in the division

What is the brewers record for winloss?

The all time won loss record for the franchise is... 3028 wins - 3352 losses

What is the Dodgers record against the Mets?


What place are the dodgers in?

It came from the 'Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers' Richard

What is the dodgers all time winning record against the Philadelphia Phillies?

Since 1901, the Dodgers have won 1059 and lost 829 games when playing against the Philadelphia Phillies.

What was the rockies win - loss record for 2007?

The Rockies regular season record in 2007 was 90-73. This record includes the one game playoff against the San Diego Padres.

What was the San Diego Padres record in 2002?

In 2002, the San Diego Padres had a 66-96 record.

What was the worst ever division winning record in the MLB?

The worst record to win a division in MLB history was 82-80 by the San Diego Padres, the National League West Division winners in 2005.

What is the record between dodgers vs giants in 2009?

The Dodgers, who captured the National League West title in 2009, won 11 of the 18 games they played against the Giants.

What was the San Diego Padres win-loss record for 2007?

In 2007, the San Diego Padres record was 89-74.

Who played first base for the Padres when pete rose broke hit record?

Steve Garvey was the Padres first baseman against the Reds on September 11, 1985 when Pete got hit #4192.