What was the KC Royals' winloss record in 2008?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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75-87 4th in the division

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Q: What was the KC Royals' winloss record in 2008?
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How many games did kc royals win in 2008?

Won 75 games in total, finishing 4th in the AL Central.

What was the score of the New York Yankees game on August 16 2008?

The New York Yankees beat the KC Royals 3-2, on August 16, 2008.

Who is winning the series between the New York Mets and KC Royals?

The Royals won.

What division are the Kansas City royals in?

The KC Royals are in the American League Central division.

When did KC Royals played their first game in Kansas city?

The Royals first regular season game in KC was April 8, 1969 against the Minnesota Twins. The Royals won 4-3.

Is Glenn Hubbard out of baseball?

Glenn Hubbard Coordinator, Defensive Kansas City Royals

When was I Am KC created?

I Am KC was created on 2008-03-29.

When kc royals pitchers and catchers report in 2009?

Friday, February 13th.

Where did KC Royals play before 1973?

Kansas City Municipal Stadium

What side of the field do the kc royals sit on?