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For a single game it is 578 yards.

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Q: What is the ncaa record for all purpose yards?
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Most all purpose yards in college bowl game?

Chris Johnson set NCAA FBS record of 408 all-purpose yards

What is the ncaa single season all purpose yardage record?

Barry Sanders for Oklahoma St. in 1988 with 3250 all purpose yards.

What players have the most all purpose yards in NCAA football?

Tayvon Alston

What is the all time NCAA Division 1 record for rushing yards in a season?

marshall faulk

Sec record for all purpose yards?

Randall Cobb

What is the record for division 1-a football all-purpose yards?

Damaris Johnson of Tulsa

Who has the most career all purpose yards in NCAA football division 1 A?

DeAngelo Williams (7,535). he also holds the record for most 100-yard rushing games for a career with 34The record was actually broken this weekend. Brandon West of the Western Michigan Broncos set the new record (7,626) with one game remaining in the season.

What nfl player holds the most all purpose yards in a game record?

Eddie Podolak Eddie Podolak

Who ran the best wishbone offense all time?

The University of Oklahoma. In 1971 the Oklahoma Sooners offense led the nation in both scoring (45 points average) and total yards (563 total yards average), and set a NCAA record by averaging over 472 rushing yards per game. A record that still stands.

Who had the most rushing yards in college?

LaDainian Tomlinson holds the NCAA single-game rushing record with 406 yards for Texas Christian against Texas El Paso in 1999. I'm an alum of TCU, and I believe that this record still holds strong. That record has long since be broken, last year in fact a kid from Southern Connecticut State university, Jarom Freeman rush for 418 yards. Forth most in NCAA history.

Do postseason wins count in all time record in ncaa basketball?


What is the division 1A career rushing record?

Ricky Williams holds the 1-A rushing record for the ncaa at 6.138 yards from the University of Texas. Ron Dayne from the University of Wisconsin holds the D1A career rushing record with 6,397 yards between 1996-1999.