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Joakim Noah

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Q: What is the name of the basketball player that got drafted by the Chicago Bulls from the University of Florida?
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How many University of Tennessee basketball players were drafted by the NBA in 2008?


What year was Tim Tebow drafted?

He is currently in the NFL

Who was the first University of Kentucky men's basketball player drafted into the National Basketball Association?

some whitey who no one pride

Has joakim noah always been at the bulls?

Yes, he was drafted by the Bulls. He played in college for the University of Florida.

Who was the first running back drafted number one in a NFL draft?

Jay Berwanger of the University of Chicago by the Chicago Bears in the 1936 NFL Draft.

Did Deion Sanders graduate from College?

Deon Saunders attended Florida State University from 1985 to 1989. He did not graduate from Florida State University. He was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons (football 5th overall selection) and the New York Yankees (baseball).

Who was drafted to the NFL before Shane Matthews from University of Florida?

Kyle Morris Kerwin Bell Lex Smith Donald Douglas

Who are the only 2 university of Michigan football players to be drafted first overall in the nfl draft?

The two University of Michigan players who have been drafted 1st are:Tom Harrison, HB, 1941, Chicago BearsJake Long, T, 2008, Miami Dolphins

What school did Devin Hester attend before being drafted by the NFL?

Devin Hester, the American Football player, attended the University of Miami in Florida until 2006 before he was drafted by The National Football League.

What sport does Tyler hansbrough play?

basketball he attend the university of North Carolina chapel hill (all time leading scorer is the acc) was then drafted to Indiana pacers

What year was Michael Jordan first drafted in the NBA?

He was drafted in 1984 to the Chicago bulls.

What nba team did Michael Jordan get drafted to?

He got drafted to the Chicago Bulls in 1984