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The wicketkeepers of Australia were Ian Healey and Adam Gilchrist.

OK. Obviously, Australia have not got through over 120 years of test cricket using just two wicketkeepers.

Others have "stood behind the stumps".

For example - Rodney Marsh. Not a bad batsman in a pinch either.

Taking an average of, say ,six years for a test career - not a bad point at which to start, we are looking at at least twenty wicketkeepers.

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right now the wicket keeper is Brad Haddin. Previously, and more famous, Adam Gilchrist was wicket keeper.

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Q: What is the name of the Australian wicket keeper?
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Who was Wicket keeper in the invincibles team?

The wicket keeper in 4 of the 5 test matches for the Australian 1948 tour of England was Don Tallon. Ron Saggers (Don's understudy for the tour) kept wicket in the fourth test.

What is another name for a wicket keeper's gloves?

The answer is Gauntlets

Who is India's first wicket keeper?

Janardan Navle is India's first wicket keeper.

What is the name for the wicket keeper's gloves?

only batters and the backstop wear gloves no-one else does. (was the toole who posted this question American by any chance)

Is substitute stand as a wicket keeper?

Yes, a substitute can stand as a wicket keeper during the match.

West Indian wicket keeper first name junior?

junor Murray

Who Was the Wicket Keeper in 1983 World Cup?

SMH Kirmani was Indian wicket keeper in 1983 world cup.

Who was the west indies wicket keeper in clive lloyd's team?

Derrick Murray was the Trinidadian wicket keeper / Bats man.

Which penalty runs is due to a mistake of wicket keeper in cricket?

The wicket keeper normally puts the fielders helmet behind him , so if the wicket keeper misses the ball and it hits the helmet behind him the team that is batting gets 5 runs

Who is the wicket keeper for the Australian cricket team?

The wicket-keeper in the sport of cricket is the player on the fielding side who stands behind the wicket or stumps being guarded by the batsman currently on strike. The wicket-keeper is the only member of the fielding side permitted to wear gloves and external leg guards. The wicket-keeper may also wear a helmet with a mesh face guard to help protect from injury.It is essentially a specialist role although a keeper is occasionally called upon to bowl, in which case another member of the fielding side temporarily keeps wicket. The role of the keeper is governed by Law 40 of the Laws of Cricket.

Is virat kohli a wicket keeper?


Who is the only wicket-keeper captain to win the Man of the Match in a World Cup final?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni; the Indian Wicket-Keeper Captain.