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Maples Pavilion

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Q: What is the name of Stanford University mens basketball gym?
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Is it Stanford University or Stanford College?

Full name is Leland Stanford Junior University-Leland Stanford Junior was a person; the school is not a junior college. Stanford University is its common name.

What is the Australia team name for the basketball in the olympic games?

the Australian mens basketball team is called the boomers the Australian mens basketball team is called the boomers

What is the library name at Stanford University?

Green Library

What is the name of the NCAA mens basketball team that won seven straight NCAA mens basketball championships between 1967 and 1973?

UCLA holds that distinct honor!

Why does Stanford have a tree as a mascot?

Stanford university official name is the cardinal, Which is a color. The tree is an unofficial nickname.

What is the team name for Stanford university football team?


What is the name of city or town in university of New York?

stanford onatrio

What is Minnesota University's basketball team name?

The University of Minnesota are the Golden Gophers

What was the name of the college when Duke played their first basketball?

Basketball came to Duke University in 1906 when the university was known as Trinity College.

Name the Stanford university player who introduced the longone-hand push shot?

The Stanford University player who introduced the long one-handed push shot was Hank Luisetti. He had a 43 game winning streak.

Name the 21 year old achiever from Leland Stanford junior university?

Azim Premji

What is the name of the University of Kentucky basketball team?

The Kentucky Wildcats.