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Q: What is the inches of a basketball net?
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Inside diameter inches of a basketball net?

regulation size is18 inches in diameter

Dimension of basketball ring?

The basket or basketball hoop is made out of steel, has a circular shape and with a net attached to it. It has a precise diameter of 18 inches.

What size is the hoop in basketball?

well the size is roughly around 18 inches but it it depends on what type of net it is.

What size should a basketball net be to fit a size 7 basketball?

A Size 7 basketball is usually 29.5 inches

Does it matter if the basketball net is 2 inches lower?

yes depending on who is playing and the regualtions and the rules of where you are playing or the state

What height is a pro basketball ring?

120 inches, or 10 foot

What is a basketball net?

a game in which two teams of five players each compete to throw a ball through a hoop.

How far from the basketball net is the 3 point line?

NBA - 23 feet 9 inches NCAA Men - 20 feet 9 inches WNBA, EURO, and High school - 19 feet 9 inches

What are the structure of basketball?

The basketball net and the hard court

How many inches is pro basketball backboard?

A Basketball Backboard is 72 inches long.

What is length of basketball net?

An official, NBA-approved basketball net may be anywhere between 15" to 18" long. Obviously, it must also go around the rim of the hoop. An official basketball hoop is 18" in diameter; thus, the net must also be 18" in diameter at its widest point.

Which basketball is bigger out of a male basketball and a female basketball?

the male basketball is bigger, a female basketball has a diameter of 28.5 inches a males is about 2 inches bigger