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old trafford

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Q: What is the home field of Manchester United?
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What is Manchester united's home base?

Manchester United's Home ground is at Old Trafford

What city is Manchester united home?


When do Manchester United train?

They train on the field

Where is the home ground of Manchester United?

Old Trafford in Manchester, England.

What is the capacity of of Manchester United?

Old Trafford (the home ground for Manchester United) has a seating capacity of 75,957

Is there black shorts to Manchester uniteds home kit?

No, Manchester United's home kit shorts are white.

Where is the home base of Manchester united?

In manchester near Old Trafford Stadium

Why is Manchester united called M16?

The postal code for Old Trafford, Manchester United's home stadium, is M16 0RA.

Who is the home team of Old Tafford?

Manchester United

How many seats at Manchester united home ground?


What is Manchester United's record home win?


What football club as the best attendance at home?

Manchester united