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No, Manchester United's home kit shorts are white.

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Q: Is there black shorts to Manchester uniteds home kit?
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When was Manchester uniteds last home defeat?

against manchester city

What are Manchester united's colors?

The Colours of Manchester United's Home Kit are Red-White and Black. Red Shirt, White Shorts and Black Socks.

What was Manchester uniteds lowest home attendance what year what division where they in?

What was utds lowest attendance?

What is the pantone color for Manchester city?

Red Shirt, White Shorts and Black Socks (Home Kit) White Shirt, Black Shorts, Black Socks (Away Kit) Blue Shirt, Blue Shorts, Blue Socks (3rd Kit)Manchester Uniteds home kit is Red jerseys and white shorts and black socks.

Is there black shorts in Manchester United's new home kit 2012?

No. You can see the the whole kit here at the related link below.

What is the name of Manchester uniteds home ground?

Their home ground is known as 'Old Trafford'. The ground is also nicknamed as Stretford and Greater Manchester. I was dating a girl on dream marriage who was really passionate abt soccer. So, learned that from her.

What colour does Valencia play in their home football kit?

There home kit is white with black shorts

What are the colors of Liverpool?

home kit top red shorts red. away kit top white and red.alternitive top black and yellow shorts black and yellow

What city is Manchester united home?


What is Manchester united's home base?

Manchester United's Home ground is at Old Trafford

Why do Manchester united wear black football socks?

Manchester United have worn red shirts white shorts and black socks since 1928. There is a myth that the black socks were a tribute to the Munich disaster in 1958 but it's not true. The kit is sometimes changed to avoid clashing with the opposing teams colours. The basic rule is that the home team plays in it's preferred kit and the away team changes anything that might make decisions for the officials difficult, sometimes that may be the shirts, the shorts, or just the socks. Most teams nowadays have at least two 'away' kits that are designed to avoid clashes with other teams colours. The match officials have the final say in what each team can wear.

What football teams home tops are black?

Manchester united well that was when it was 2009~2010 so now its white and red not black and red wish this wuold help!