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Unfortunately for you, that describes pretty much anyone at a decent level; even some goalkeepers can prefer such sticks for the weight and balance they have. Visit your local store and ask to try them out - some allow "test driving" and others hold showdays of their products.

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Here are the sticks that I THINK I have narrowed it down to:

- Grays GX8000 Scoop

- Grays GX6000 Scoop

- Grays GX7000 Turbo Torque

- Grays O-Tech

- TK Synergy S-1077

- TK 1.5 Vti

- TK 1

- Kookaburra Dragon??? (Not sure if I can get a 37 or 37.5 in a light weight though)

Does anyone know if the scoop on the head of the stick affects shots? To me, with the head not being completely flat, I would think that this would affect the direction of the shot and how the ball moves off the stick??????


The scoop on the stick depends what type of shooter you are. If you've been playing with a flat stick your whole life its very hard to adjust you and causes high shoots. If you are a person who mainly does rebounds and low flicks then a scoop stick is not for you. If however you are often the first shot on net and you aim for above knee height then you may like it.

As for sticks Kookaburras seem to be overall heavier and have a thick diametre than most other sticks but its personal preference. At my university, team members are not allowed to use Greys sticks are our coach thinks they are not good quality. I prefer my Adidas anyways but you need to choose the one which is most comfortable for you to use. Go somewhere where you can try them all like from a booth at tournaments where they have sample ones

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Q: What is the best field hockey stick for an advanced forward or winger?
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What is a field hockey press?

A press is when all of the forward line moves across to the side of the field where the hit is being taken and tries to stop it from getting out of the defence. the winger usually goes on the line inner steps beside the winger and usually drops deeper the centre forward goes to the ball if it is a layoff the winger from the other side comes and stands on the top of the circle and the inner covers the gap.

When was Saleem Sherwani - field hockey forward - born?

Saleem Sherwani - field hockey forward - was born on 1962-06-21.

Field hockey position chart?

In Ice Hockey each team has: Left Winger Center Right Winger Left Defense Right Defense Goalie

What is the role of each position on the soccer field?

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Is an inner the same as a forward in field hockey?

yes they are the same

What do left wingers do while playing field hockey?

Wingers should keep up with their centre forward and stay wide. If you are up at the goals the winger needs to be right ON TOP of the goal post, so if one of your team-mates passes it to you, you can keep tap it in the goals.

Where does the winger in field hockey stand?

It is actually called the wing, and they are the outer positions on the forward line, the left wing and right wing are what they are called. In field hockey, they always stay to the side so you player can give you a breakaway. This is when everyone is clumped on one side of the field, they pass you the ball so no one on the other team is blocking you. When you are by the other teams goal cage, the wing stands at the post, or the side of the goal, so when someone passes them the ball, they can just easily hit it in.

How far forward may a fullback move forward in field hockey?

As far as they are prepared to go, bearing in mind the run back when defending... and of course who the coach is! Generally, a full back should have their respective midfielder and/or winger in front of them unless running on the overlap or on the break; staying out of position can confuse the team structure and lead to confusion on the defense, which leads to a lot of goals being conceded.

Where do winger stand in the footy field?

on the wing

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