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It does not say Philadelphia. Away jerseys usually say the team city.

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Q: What is special about the Phillies away jersey?
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What is a NHL alternative jersey and when do they wear them?

It's not their home jersey, it's not their away jersey, it's also known as the third jersey,and they wear it for special occations to be determined at the start of the season.

Who wore jersey number 43 for the Phillies?

jayson werth

Which Phillies players jersey is currently a must have?

Cliff lees new number jersey if you ask me. -J.R.C

What does the 36 stand for on the Philadelphia phillies uniform?

The '36' on the sleeves of the Philadelphia Phillies jerseys is to honor former Phillies pitcher Robin Roberts, who died on May 6th. His jersey number '36' was retired by the Phillies earlier.

Did mitchell and ness make a 1979 Phillies jersey?

Yes, Mitchell and Ness sells them currently.

What Philadelphia Phillies who have passed away?

Robin Roberts

What is the price of Manchester united away jersey in Mumbai?

Great, cant wait to get man utd away this seasons home jersey is soo Catastrophic :(

What was Jimmy Rollins first jersey number?

Jimmy Rollins is number 11 on the Philadelphia Phillies.

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The state of New Jersey has a special court for civil lawsuits. This court hosts cases about special interrogations and civil parts.

Why the B on the Phillies jersey?

The Phillies will wear a Phillies script white 'B' on a black background on the left chest of their uniforms this season as a tribute to two long-time members of the club's ownership group (Alexander 'Whip' Buck and J. Mahlon 'Jim Buck) who recently passed away.

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