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Cliff lees new number jersey if you ask me.


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Q: Which Phillies players jersey is currently a must have?
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Are soccer players banned from taking off their T-shirts after they score a goal?

Referee's are directed to issue a yellow card to a player removing his shirt after scoring a goal. As things stand, Law 12, according to Fifa's official website, is as follows: A player who removes his jersey when celebrating a goal must be cautioned for unsporting behaviour. The removal of the jersey after a goal has been scored is unnecessary and players must avoid such excessive displays of celebration. The removal of a jersey is defined as removing the jersey over the head or covering the head with the jersey.

What must a basketball jersey have on it?

Team Name on the front, below the team name the players number on the front and the players number again on the back. Most professional leagues also have the players surname on the back as well right above the number.

What equipment must the players have in badminton?

The players must have a shuttlecock and racquets.

Does the 2011 FC Barcelona jersey have the players name on the back?

According to U.E.F.A rules players in European clubs must display both name and number on their jerseys, this rule came out in 1988 Euro cup.

Where do netball players start the game at?

At the commencement of a netball match, the two Centre players must be in the centre third and all other players must be in the goal thirds.

How many players are there in a game of volleyball?

Six players must be on the court at a time.

How do you shrink a jersey?

A person can shrink a jersey by washing the jersey in hot water and drying it on the highest setting. The jersey must be a polyester/cotton blend for this to work.

What kind of jerseys used by early footballers?

The jersey were of the club colors, but F.i.f.A made the rule in the Euro 1988 That all the jerseys must have the players name and number. Not just the number only.

What is the legal age for piercings in new jersey?

In New Jersey, you must be at least 16 years old to get a piercing. If you are under this age, you must have a parent with you.

How old must you be to drive in new jersey?


Do jersey display cases only hold one jersey?

Jersey display cases are a must for any sports memorabilia collector. Jersey display cases can only showcase one jersey at a time.

How many players can get sent off in association football?

There must be 7 players to continue the match.

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