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The response trigger is cheaper and more reliable because of the mechanical nature. However, the E-grip provides more functionality and it is widely accepted as the superior option, one downside is that it requires a 9-volt battery so you'll want to keep a spare on you just in case. Also the repsonse trigger is not allowed in tournament games, where the E-grip is completely legal.

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Your Call Here...


More Expensive

23 BPS

More Options

-full auto

-3 round burst

-semi auto

Needs batteries

Less control



Around 18 BPS

Less Options

-Semi Auto

Dosn't need batteries

More Control

edit: there is actually less control with the RT as you can not select the BPS it puts out, some fields have outlawed it for this reason.

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Q: What is better The Tippmann response trigger or the E Grip?
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Does tippmann have an electronic a-5?

Yes. The A-5 E-Grip can be purchased as an upgrade or a complete marker package.

Will a tippmann double trigger system fit onto a tippmann X7 E- grip?

Yes, and in fact there is an E-trigger addition that comes with a double trigger.

Is the Tippmann X7 a semi-auto?

Yes, unless it comes with an E-grip or response trigger. the answer is yes, reguardless of what grip frame is on it, the RT or E-grip can have other modes as well but it will always have semi

Does the e trigger work on the older tippmann 98's?

It depends how old. Just check under the grip panels if there is space cut for the battery and e trigger.

Can you put a response triger and a e-grip in a tippmann a5?

No, they fit in the same place. Besides that, putting them both on wold defeat the purpose of either of them and would not increase speed. The E-grip is supposed to use battery to make automatic fire easy, where the response trigger allows you to use a form of auto without needing a battery by using Co2.

Tippmann X-7 Paintball Marker vs Tippmann A-5 Marker with E-Grip?

the stock tippmann X7 is literally the A5 with a different body, basically more plastic, and without the electric trigger. the X7 phenom is better than the A5 w/ egrip however because of its spool valve design and its ability to run full and burst on battery and semi without batteries.

Can the tippman x-7 shoot auto without an e-grip?

Only with the response trigger.

Which paintball gun is better a tippmann us army alpha black tactical or a diablo mongoose semi-auto?

Since the Diablo is almost a hundred dollars more, you will spend better money getting an e grip alpha black. Diablo does not have a reputation for well built markers.

What e-grip do you buy for a US Army Carver One?

The tippmann 98 egrip

Can a Tippmann E-Grip Selector Switch Electronic be installed on a bt delta?

No, they have different screw dimensions.

What company created the pistol grip trigger drill?

By 1917 Black and Decker patented the first pistol grip, trigger switch electric drill.

Will the tippmann a5 handle fit on bt4 paintball gun?

No It uses a screw on the top that goes into the a5, the bt4 uses a rail system. Besides the Bt-4 already comes with a better hand-grip then the A5.