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It depends on their rating. If it's 50, 200k to 700k. If it's 80 or higher probably 2 million to 4.28 million. Good enough for you? Good.

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Seventeen dollar, and beer.

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about 9 thousand

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About 1 mil

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Q: What is average salary of all NFL centers?
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NFL waterboy salary?

Probably one of the cushiest jobs of all, the waterboy in the NFL makes an average salary about $53,000 a year.

Are fired NFL coaches under contract paid full salary or full salary less other compensation?

All NFL coaches have contracts. All of their contracts have clauses covering what they will be paid in case they are fired.

What is the NFL salary cap?

The salary cap for the 2007 season is set at $109 million. Click on the related link for the salary cap status of all 32 teams.

What is the average length of NFL career?

Including all player positions, the average NFL career is four seasons.

What is the salary cap in the NFL?

For the 2010 season, there is no salary cap in the NFL. The NFL owners opted out of the collective bargaining agreement made with the players in 2006. Since there is no agreement, there is no cap. Certainly, any new agreement will contain a salary cap. If there is not a new agreement in place by the start of the 2011 season, there will be no NFL football. For the 2009 season, the NFL salary cap was $127 million.

What is the average salary of a certified management accountant in Canada?

In 2013, the average salary of a certified management accountant in Canada is $119,400. The median salary for all CMA's in Canada is $101,000.

What was the average salary of an NFL football player in the 1950?

The simple answer is back in the 50's they did not play for money! That's right! The game seems to only be about money now but not then. Some players were only paid $1.00 a MONTH! It's incredible!! Talk about For the love of the game"!

What is the Rugby League salary cap for 2010?

depends who, and what club but the average salary is 80,000, not much as all.

What is the minimum salary fo an NFL practice squad player for 2008?

All NFL employees are required by contract to make at least $300,00 USD a year.

What is an NFL coach salary?

Salaries vary widely just like with players in the NFL. This link will show you all coaches salaries.

What is the average salary of a licensed insurance consultant?

The average salary of a licensed insurance consultant is about USD$101,000 per year. A licensed insurance consultant is earning 50% higher than the average salary for all jobs nationwide.

Entry level salary for a marine biologists?

The entry level salary is $29,260. The average level salary is $47,740. The maximum level salary is $71,270. All of this is in general.