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It is the limit put on the amount of runs scored in a inning or game in which the game automatically ends. this can be different amounts of runs and usually has an amount of runs after each inning that you will be leading by. for example if you are leading by 12 runs after 4 innings game is over, 10 runs after 5 innings, etc

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A mercy rule is when the opposing team gets 5 consecutive runs, the game is called (over). Unfortunately and unfairly in Wii, when you go ahead 5 runs over the opponent, there is no mercy rule. In other words, you can go ahead 24 and 2 over the computer and the game isn't called but if the score is 6-1 in favor of the computer, the game is done. It's ridiculous and it can't be turned off.

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When a team is losing by a certain amount of points after a certain inning, the game is automatically won by the dominating team.

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Q: What is a mercy rule in baseball wii?
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What is the mercy rule in wii baseball?

when the team have more than 5 more home runs than you the game automatically stops

Is there mercy rule in Major League Baseball?

There isn't a mercy rule in the MLB because the score hardly ever gets that high.

What is the inning does a game becomes a mercy game in baseball?

there is no mercy rule in the MLB. in Junior High baseball it is the 5 inning. It is also the 5 inning for high school

Point difference in a mercy game in baseball?

In little league the mercy rule is that if a team is ahead by 10 points after 5 innings that team wins

How much is a mercy in baseball?

The "mercy rule" is only used in some leagues. There is no mercy rule in the MLB. My local Little League had a rule that if one team was up by more than 10 after the 4th inning, the game would be over and the team with the lead wins. ---------- 15 after 3 innings, 10 after 4 innings, and 8 after 5 innings is also a commonly used "mercy rule" in some leagues.

Is there a mercy rule for 20 after 2 innings in baseball?

Aybe in some leagues, where I'm from no, and in major and minor leagues, no as well

Wii fit baseball cheats?

There is no Wii fit baseball. There is a wii sports baseball though.

How do you play Baseball in the Wii?

Select Wii Sports. And select baseball

Is there a mercy rule in the NFL?

I have read where there is a 30 point mercy rule in Pop Warner Flag Football. Also, where an 18 point rule was implemented in the 70s that stated once a team was up by 18+ points they had to change their starting backfield. I cannot say I am well versed with Pop Warner football but I would think there is a Mercy Rule somewhere in their rules. Whether it is a hard and fast rule or may be amended by each local chapter I cannot say.

What is the Mercy rule high school basketball national federation?

Mercy Rule in Georgia6 minute quarters * Applies Only to Varsity GamesAfter 2 quarters…40 or more points…Losing coach MUST agreeAfter 3 quarters…30 or more points…MandatorySub-Varsity does NOT have a Mercy Rule

What actors and actresses appeared in Mercy Rule - 2014?

The cast of Mercy Rule - 2014 includes: Kirk Cameron Chelsea Noble Bas Rutten Noah Staggs as Camera Man

What is the point differences in a mercy game baseball?

The point difference in a mercy game is 10.