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The New England Patriot players on the Injured Reserve list in 2008 were:

  • 52 Eric Alexander ILB
  • 12 Tom Brady QB
  • 98 Shawn Crable OLB
  • 37 Rodney Harrison SS
  • 39 Laurence Maroney RB
  • 68 Ryan O'Callaghan OT
  • 91 Bo Ruud ILB
  • 95 Kenny Smith DE/NT
  • 75 Barry Stokes T/G
  • 96 Adalius Thomas OLB
  • 22 Terrence Wheatley CB
  • 26 Tank Williams SS/ILB
  • 58 Pierre Woods OLB
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Q: What is a list of New England Patriots on the injured list?
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