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It always had and always will be the New England Patriots.

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New England Patriots

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The NewEngland Patriots

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Q: Who is the Indy Colts main rival?
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Who will win the Super Bowl 2011?

Indy colts

What sport do the Indy Colts play?

The Indianapolis Colts play American football. They are part of the NFL.

Who is the rival of the colts?

Ne patriots

How many Super Bowls has Indy colts lost?


What year did the Colts become Indy?

The Colts, which at the time were at Baltimore, Maryland, relocated from there to Indianapolis on March 29, 1984.

Adam Vinatieri played for which NFL teams?

Patriots then colts

What is the name of the shade of blue for the Indy colts?

It is called Speed Blue.

Are the indianapolis colts the ne patriot s rival?


How many Super Bowls have the Idianapolis Colts won in franchise history?

INDIANAPOLIS franchise only 1. Colts altogether 2. Super Bowl V (Baltimore Colts) Super Bowl XLI (Indy Colts)

Who has allowed the most yards in a NFL game in 2008?

Indy Colts 497 against Jags

How many cities how the colts played for?

2, Baltimore and Indy

What teams have never beaten the Indianapolis Colts at home in regular season?

Don't know if there are multiple teams, but the Houston Texans are (0-10) vs the Colts in Indy.