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The BT Apex is a barrel that adjusts how the paintball spins as it comes out of your marker, allowing it to have increased range at the expense of accuracy. You can make the ball spin up, down, left, or right, at 9 different degrees of spin for each (1 being the lowest and 9 being the highest). Upward spin will give the ball a "flat" trajectory and cause it to go in a straight line, improving your range. Downwards spin will cause the ball to go straight for a certain period of time then swerve downwards suddenly. The left and right spin will cause the ball to go straight then swerve to the left or right, respectively. The adjustable amount of spin (the 1-9 meter) will cause the ball to fly further based on how high you set it when it is set to upward spin, and how long it will fly before it swerves in the down, left, and right spin settings (9 causing it to swerve after a short distance, and 1 after a while).

If you want more information I would suggest reading reviews of it on a place like pbreview or any paintball forum.

you do not get any additional useable range out of the apex or likewise the flatline, what happens is the paintball does go further but at the "additional range" the paint is flying so slowly due to the backspin that it will bounce off whatever it hits, dont believe the companies when they tell you you will be able to hit people at further distances, it is not true, you can adjust the trajectory of the shot but not the range

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Q: What is a bt apex barrel what does it do?
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What is a bt apex barrel what does it for paintballing?

The Apex barrel is BT's upgrade to the Tippman Flatline barrel. It allows the shooter to "curve" the ball around or "dive bomb" over the top of bunkers by putting a spin on the ball. It also will allow the shooter to get extra distance out of a shot by putting a back spin on the ball. How the it works is the tip of the barrel has a ridge that gives the ball a spin like a curve ball or a spin on a ping pong ball. You can get the same effect by turning a Flatline on the side.

What apex barrel fits an alpha black?

Any apex barrel with a 98 thread will fit the alpha black.

Is the bt delta elite paintball gun good?

No. At that price range you could get an SP1 with apex barrel, which is considered one of the best markers available. If you could get it for only $250 or even $350 then it would be a great marker.

Does the apex barrel fit on spyder victor?

Apex tips need an adaptor in order to work on a non-apex barrel. if you are just trying to buy the tip then no it will not work. if you are buying the apex barrel with the tip already on it, as long as you get it in spyder threads it will work just fine

What is the model of a Browning single barrel trap gun?

They are called BT-99 shotguns

How do you install a flatline barrel on a BT 4?

All you must do is purchase an A5/X7 threaded flatline barrel and screw it in, becasue they have the same barrel threading. 98 threaded barrels will not work.

Will the BT 1913 barrel kit fit on the Tippmann alpha black tactical?

Yes, the standard barrel has A5/x7 threads, but you can order it with 98/Alpha black threads.

What is a project that will help a small part of the country?

pork barrel (apex)

Will apex tip fit on your regular barrel for a tipmann 98 custom?

It depends on the threads of the Apex barrel. If the threads are that of a autococker, A5, or spyder then no, it will not fit. Though if it does have Tippmann threads then by all means it will fit.

Will a apex barrel fit a brass eagle T-storm gun?

Not likely

Can you put an apex on a m16 barrel?

If you have the money, time and a good gunsmith, yes.

Will a 12 apex barrel fit on a alpha black?

If you buy it with 98 threads, then yes.