Does the apex barrel fit on spyder victor?

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2012-09-12 23:35:55

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Apex tips need an adaptor in order to work on a non-apex barrel. if you are just trying to buy the tip then no it will not work. if you are buying the apex barrel with the tip already on it, as long as you get it in spyder threads it will work just fine

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2012-09-12 23:35:55
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Q: Does the apex barrel fit on spyder victor?
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Can a 12 inch barrel fit on a spyder victor barrel?

No, you need to buy another 12 inch barrel with spyder threads on the back.

Will apex tip fit on your regular barrel for a tipmann 98 custom?

It depends on the threads of the Apex barrel. If the threads are that of a autococker, A5, or spyder then no, it will not fit. Though if it does have Tippmann threads then by all means it will fit.

Where can you get a 20 barrel for your gameface vexxor and how do you know it will fit?

A PMI razzor barrel (spyder thread) will fit your barrel needs. You know it will fit if it is "spyder" threaded.

What stock fits the spyder victor 09?

There are no stocks that fit that model spyder.

What longer barells fit the spyder MR1's threads?

Any barrel that is Spyder threaded.

Does the jt barrel fit the T-storm paintball gun?

You must get a Spyder threaded one for it to fit.

I wanted to know if an Evil Cocker 2 Piece Barrel 689 16in Black UltraTip which is autococker threads will fit a spyder vs1 marker or can you give me a list on what barrels do fit spyder makers?

No, autococker threads do not fit spyders,which are spyder threaded. Any barrel marked spyder threaded will fit spyders, piranhas, and most cheap spyder clones. Also many barrels come in several threads (almost all of them have the spyder version), so a list would not help you.

Does a Phat stick barrel fit a JT outkast paintball gun?

As long as it has the correct barrel threads it will. JT markers are spyder threaded, just make sure the barrel has spyder threads and yes it will work.

Can tippmann barrels fit on spyder guns?

Sadly no. On the end of the barrel are the threads, and as one could see the threads on the end of a Tippmann barrel are thick. Spyder threads are much thinner.

What apex barrel fits an alpha black?

Any apex barrel with a 98 thread will fit the alpha black.

Does the apex tip fit on the project salvo barrel?


Can a spyder victor 2012 have rocking triggers?

Yes there are rocking triggers that fit the victor. However it is not really worth upgrading, no do rocking triggers on mechanical guns have effective firepower.

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