What is a ROM chip?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: What is a ROM chip?
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What is the physical part of the PC that keeps track of the hardware resources on the system is the?

the ROM BIOS chip

The ROM bios chip is the most important chip on the motherboard?

Yea the CPU,and the ROM bios chip is the most important chip on the motherboard,even the dma also.

What is programmed chip?


Why is an operating system software handed from hard disk then a Rom chip?

The operating system has nothing to do with the ROM chip

What chip in a printer contains data for fonts?

The ROM Chip

An embedded operating system resides on what chip?

A ROM chip

does ROM exist as a chip on the motherboard?

Yes. Every motherboard has a Rom chip on it. Typically, the one most noteworthy is the Rom chip that holds the information for the motherboard. It carries boot instructions, the setup program, BIOS programs, and POST routine. This chip is usually not altered. Older motherboards carried removeable ROM chips that could be replaced, but are now mostly onboard or soldered on permanently.

What is permanent store?

rom chip

What does ROM store?

ROM(Read Only Memory) stores the contents of the BIOS chip.

What would happen if you moved the ROM from your computer?

If you removed the ROM chip - then powered up the computer, you would simply get a blank screen. The operating system 'kicks in' because the ROM chip tells it to start.

What kind of chip is is a blank ROM chip onto which a programmer can write permanently?


What is a perfect example of an inexpensive ROM chip?

It's that mask ROM to make it flexible and inexpensive.