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Q: What is Lisa Leslie average points a game?
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How did Lisa Leslie change the game of female basketball?

Lisa Leslie was the first female to dunk the ball in the WNBA.

Did Lisa Leslie score 101 points in a 1 game?

Yes, by cherry picking the entire game and holding the ball over the heads of the other team.

Who is the first women in the WNBA to dunk?

Lisa Leslie, not just the first black woman, but THE first women.

When did Lisa Leslie Dunk it?

In 2002 at a game against the Miami Sol.

Most points scored in a WNBA game?

Diana Taurasi of the Phoenix Mercury and Lauren Jackson of the Seattle Storm with 47 points apeice.

What WNBA girl scored 101 points in a half?

Lisa Leslie scored 101 points in a game against South Torrance High her Senior year. She would have broken Cheryl Millers record of 105, but the opposing team forfeited at halftime.

What is the Sacramento Kings average points per a game for 2008 2009?

The Sacramento Kings average points per game for the 2008-09 NBA season was 100.6 points per game.

Has there ever been a person to slam dunk in the WNBA?

Lisa Leslie was the first to dunk it in a WNBA game, Candace Parker (rookie) was the second. She has dunked it twice this year. They both play for the LA Sparks

What is Lebron James' average points per game 2013?

32.3 points per game

What is Zydrunas Ilgauskas average points per game?

14 points

Who average the most points per game in nba history?

lebron James with 35.1 points a game!

Lois has averaged 19.2 points per game for her team's first 20 basketball games her goal is to average 20 points per game but only one game remains how many points does she need?

She must score 36 points in her last game to bring her average up to 20 points a game. So far she has scored 384 points in 20 games. 19.2 * 20 = 384 To average 20 points a game she must score 20 * 21 = 420 The difference is 420 - 384 = 36 She needs to score 36 points to average 20ppg.