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The Sacramento Kings average points per game for the 2008-09 NBA season was 100.6 points per game.

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Q: What is the Sacramento Kings average points per a game for 2008 2009?
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What is the average home attendance for the Sacramento Kings?

Unfortunately, the average home attendance for the Sacramento Kings in 2008-2009 (through 32 games) is 12,358, last in the NBA. Tickets start at $10, so come out and support your Kings!

Who did the Sacramento Kings play the day after Christmas in 2008 and where did they play and what time?

The Sacramento Kings played the Raptors,10:00 PM, at Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento, CA.

Who did the Sacramento Kings play the day after Christmas in 2008?

The new york knicks

What basketball team was Ron Artest in 2008?

Houston Rockets. He played in the 2008 NBA playoffs with Sacramento Kings and played the 2008-2009 season with Houston Rockets.

What NBA team was the worst in the 2008-2009 NBA season?

if you are going by record, it is the new jersey nets and the minnesota timberwolves

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Sacramento in Jeopardy - 2008 was released on: USA: 5 October 2008 (A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival)

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How many points did Kobe average in 2008?

How many 50 point game loses did Michael Jordan? ... How many points does Kobe Bryant average in 2008-2009? What is Kobe Bryant's high score in a single ...

What was the average NBA score in 2008?

D Wade with 30 points a game

Who is Kevin Martin?

Anyone who does not know Kevin Martin will know him know. Kevin Martin is a 4 year veteran guard out of Western Carolina now in his 5th year in the NBA, drafted in 2004 by the Sacramento Kings who he plays for now. He did not play very much at all in his first year, and was left of the Kings playoff roster against the Seattle Supersonics. Kevin was then played more in his second year in 2005-2006 when starting guard Bonzi Wells went down with a groin injury. He average 10 points per game as a starter during Wells' injury. The next season, 2006-2007, Wells was not resigned and thus Martin was named the starting shooting guard for Sacramento. He averaged 21ppg in his first year starting, but Sacramento did not make the playoffs and finished with a 33-49 record. In 2007-2008, Kevin Martin averaged a career high 23ppg in his second year starting, but the Kings again failed to make the playoffs with a 38-44 record. He was snubbed as an all-star that year, too. In the current 2008-2008 season, Kevin Martin started out with a right ankle injury, which caused him to miss 22 games. The Kings fell to 7-24 during those games in which he played just a few. He came back on December 30th against the Los Angeles Clippers, came off the bench, and scored 20 points in his return game to help the Kings beat the Clippers 92-90, bringing Sacramento to a 8-24 record. He is currently averaging 20 points in his limited action this season.

Did Mike Bibby ever play for the Detroit pistons?

No. He's played for the Vancouver Grizzlies (1998-2001), Sacramento Kings (2001-2008), Atlanta Hawks (2008-2011), Washington Wizards (2011) and Miami Heat (2011-Present)

What is the population of Sacramento California 2008?

About 480,000.