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Nothing is in Wales abd England. They do not overlap.

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Q: What football ground is in Wales and England?
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Where is the nearest English football stadium to wales?

Well I'm presuming you mean English club ground, which is most probably Chester; Otherwise it's Welshpool - who play in Wales but their ground is in England

British football club with its stadium in 2 different countries?

The border between England and Wales passes through Chester City's Deva Stadium ground.

What was the score from england vs wales football for euro 2012?

2-1 to england

How big is the football stadium City Ground?

City Ground Football Stadium, home of Nottingham Forest Football Club holds 30.602 people and is the 22nd largest football ground in England. The field dimensions are 115 yards by 78 yards.

Is Liverpool in England or Wales?

Liverpool is in England. close to Wales, but in England.

When was Football Association of Wales created?

Football Association of Wales was created in 1876.

Wales v England Six Nations results in the last five years?

2008. England 19 - Wales 26 2009. Wales 23 - England 15 2010. England 30 - Wales 17 2011. Wales 19 - England 26 2012. England 12 - Wales 19

What are the four football nations that make up Great Britain?

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. (UK not GB)

Does England surround Wales?

No, England borders Wales. Wales in not a landlocked country. It is on the Irish sea.

What are the four countries of the uk?

England Scotland wales northern Ireland and republic of Ireland

What airport do you fly into if i want to fulham football ground in England?

Heathrow is the nearest airport

Is Wales close to England?

Wales is directly to the west of England.Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France