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2008. England 19 - Wales 26

2009. Wales 23 - England 15

2010. England 30 - Wales 17

2011. Wales 19 - England 26

2012. England 12 - Wales 19

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Q: Wales v England Six Nations results in the last five years?
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What will be the predominant religion in fifty years in UK?

Christian. In 2001 (from census data: There are 37.3 million people in England and Wales who state their religion as Christian. The percentage of Christians is similar between the two countries but the proportion of people who follow other religions is 6.0 per cent in England compared with 1.5 per cent in Wales. In England, 3.1 per cent of the population state their religion as Muslim (0.7 per cent in Wales), making this the most common religion after Christianity. For other religions, 1.1 per cent in England and 0.2 per cent in Wales are Hindu, 0.7 per cent in England and 0.1 per cent in Wales are Sikh, 0.5 per cent in England and 0.1 per cent in Wales are Jewish and 0.3 per cent in England and 0.2 per cent in Wales are Buddhist. In England and Wales 7.7 million people state they have no religion (14.6 per cent in England and 18.5 per cent in Wales).

How long did it take for England to gain control of Wales?

It took England the better part of two centuries to gain control of Wales. Part of the reason it took so long was that England did not try to make the take over in a single campaign. It was a stop and go procedure as England was involved in various other wars.

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The history of England goes back thousands of years. There were Saxon tribes and the Celtic tribes who lived there. Some of the oldest historical evidence of man has been uncovered in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

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England France Germany Poland Austria

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Indeed they aren't- Scotland has never been considered a part of England, Wales used to be seen as a part of it by some people during the years of the British Empire, although this was never accepted by the Welsh themselves and the country became re-acknowledged as a separate entity in the early 20th Century. Some old atlases and maps can still be found that have 'England' written across Wales as well, and old encyclopaedias used to put 'For Wales, see England' in their entries, but this caused outrage even at the time.

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10,000 of years ago England came from the south; Scotland came from the north arctic and Ireland and wales came from America.

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Joan considered France and England to be separate nations.

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First you should know its not called 'The Royal Family of England' its the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. the Queen is Elizabeth II, she has been queen for nearly 60 years. It's the longest reigning royal family ever (nearly 1000 years)

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