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Q: What does tooling mean in volleyball?
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What is the value of a 12 gauge browning bar over and under tooling master?

A Bar is not an over under, and what do you mean by tooling master?

When was Tooling University created?

Tooling University was created in 1999.

Can player smash the ball in volleyball?

I think you mean spike the volleyball, and yes you can

What was the use of the volleyball?

To have fun, strengthen your arms, compete, improve, and make new friends! :)

What is ATS Automation Tooling Systems's population?

The population of ATS Automation Tooling Systems is 3,500.

What is the difference between B-tooling and D-tooling tablet compression machine?

Difference between B and D toolingD toolingBarel Diameter is 1 inchHead Diameter is 1 and ¼ th inch length is 5.25 inchDies outer diameter is 0.945 andBB TollingBarel Diameter is 0.75 inchHead Diameter is 1 inch length is 5.25 inchDies outer diameter is 30.16 mmB tooling is same as BB only difference is that lower punch length is just 3 and 9/16th inch long.D tooling dies and punches are usually have thick diameter or have greater diameter of their body as well as the tip of punches also dies have greater outer diameter compared to B type tolling which makes D type tolling dies and punches suitable for compression of big size tablets as the tip of the pinches is border compared to B tooling dues and punches.Many sub categories like DB , BB type tablets dies and punches are made depending up on the punches and dies requirement of product.Following table will be useful in understanding the concept of tablet tooling and how they are classified as B and D tooling and BB and DB tooling

What is the difference between b tooling and d tooling?

B tooling is having head and body more than d tooling As b has 1.5 & length of 5.13 body 1 inch d has 1 inch head and length 5.13 body 0.73

What are some synonyms for the term 'tooling'?

The term tooling means to decorate. Some synonyms for "tooling" include design, braid, color, trimming, trinket, wreath, sequin, doodad, and fandangle.

What is involved in 'injection mold tooling'?

Injection mold tooling is done by fusing powder to create mold geometry, then filling with bronze. You can learn more about Injection Mold Tooling at the Dinsmoreinc website.

What does shift in volleyball mean?

to move over

What does Morgan mean in volleyball?

Well William Morgan invented volleyball so it has something to do with his last name.

What does mean co ed volleyball?

Co-ed volleyball is when both guys and girls play on the same team.