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Q: What does the term intimidation mean in Netball?
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What does intimidation mean in netball?

It means that a player who is supposedly a female has an abnormally large penis which becomes clearly visible during play. A player fouled for intimidation does not pass go or receive $200.

What is the penalty for intimidation in netball?

Penalty pass or Penalty pass/shot, depending on where you are on court.

In which season is netball played?

usually in winter because if you play a lot then you will get very hot i mean temperature ok?not sex but cuz i play netball with my friends then i know cuz my friend told me YOU CAN play in summer but i wouldn't this is my advice its might not matter to you though i hope i have helped;)

What are the long term negative effects netball has on your body?

The long term negative affects of netball is that you can badly sprain your ankles or feel the pain for a while

What is the meaning of the word infringement in the term of Netball?


What do vixen mean?

An Melbourne Netball Team

What does replay in netball mean?

When you bounce the ball.

What does indimdation mean?

"Indimidation" appears to be a misspelling or typo. The correct term is "intimidation," which refers to the act of making someone feel fear or nervousness, often in order to control, influence or manipulate them.

Horizontal banding- what does it mean in netball?

Horizontal banding in netball is when you are passing to your team going horizontally across the court

What happen if a player is offside in netball?

The penalties in netball are contact and obstruction, intimidation also comes under the category of these two penalties.

What are the different heights of a netball net?

I think by 'net' you mean post? The post should be 10 feet tall (3.05m) for netball. The netball post is made shorter for modi netball (usually U10's) but I am unsure of the height.

In netball what does cpm mean?

Critical path method